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Committed to becoming America's most trusted provider of home improvement financing.

Empowering homeowners
With Finance of America Home Improvement, homeowners can improve their homes, and live more comfortably.

Creating local jobs
When homeowners make improvements, they help grow local economies and generate thousands of local jobs.

Partnering with industry
By working with contractors and manufacturers, we help make it easier for homeowners to upgrade their properties.

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Together, we’re making a difference.

Helping to save enough electricity to power the city of San Francisco for two years.

Over their lifetime, our energy-saving projects could save homeowners nearly $11.08 billion on electric bills.*

Enabling water savings that could provide enough for everyone in the world to drink for two full days.

Our current homeowners will save an estimated 40 billion gallons of water over the lifetime of their improvement projects.*

Creating over 88,000 local jobs by increasing demand for home improvements.*

When homeowners make energy-saving improvements, they help create thousands of jobs for contractors in their local communities.

*Forecasts represent best estimates of growth based on historical program data. Amount spent on home improvements, as well as energy savings accrued by those upgrades, are estimates based on third-party calculation models and other technical references from reputable sources, including US DOE, US EPA, and the California Public Utilities Commission. Actual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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