Accelerate jobs through your pipeline.

Get intuitive digital project management tools and dedicated support to complete more projects with ease.

Fast, in-home approvals with the Finance of America Home Improvement mobile app.

Easily submit applications, get instant decisions, calculate estimated monthly payments, and have homeowners sign paperwork all from your device.

Track and organize your projects online.

Our intuitive contractor portal makes it easy to stay on top of jobs and track them from application to funding. Access project details, rate sheets, marketing materials, and more. Want to wow your customers? Create and share an application link so they can apply before you even step foot in their home.

Gain exposure and connect with qualified customers.

Stand out from the crowd with a placement in our contractor search tool. Show homeowners your activity in their community by uploading photos and videos to promote your business. Homeowners can request a bid or consultation and provide basic contact info and project details—all within one streamlined listing.

Marketing materials to help close deals with confidence.

Our media center has the materials you need to confidently discuss financing with your customers. You can even co-brand some of our most helpful materials to give your customers that extra boost of confidence they need to say “yes” to your project proposals.

Personalized support when you need it most.

Whether you’re looking for sales support or have administrative questions, our support staff is happy to provide assistance before, during, and after a project. Our contractor resources also include training webinars, virtual ride-alongs, and more.

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